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Making Words Work

Editing and Proofreading Service

Eloquent: Having or showing the ability to use language clearly and effectively.  

~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary ~  

The aspiration of all writers is to create a piece of writing 

that contains words, expressions, and ideas that are ​Eloquent

Eloquent Edits 

Levels of Editing:

  • Basic

  • Comprehensive
  • Developmental
  • ​Proofreading

Your job is to create a work that you can be proud of. 

My job is to polish and refine your work 

while always keeping intact your voice and writing style.

Examples of Documents:

  • Fiction Manuscripts
  • Memoirs
  • Compilations
  • Website Content
  • Business Print​
  • ​Academic Papers
  • Instructional / "How To"

You are a writer. Whether you've stayed up most of the night working on a manuscript, worked hard on an academic essay, or struggled with a corporate brochure, you are still a writer. Now your written work is ready to be turned in. Or is it?

Is the spelling and punctuation correct? Are you confident with the grammar? Is the document's content clear to its intended audience?

By having your document professionally edited, you can submit your final draft with confidence that embarrassing and sometimes costly errors have been edited out. You want to be noticed for your ideas, not your mistakes.

I will help to refine your ideas and improve your text. My goal is to help you create a clear and accurate presentation of your thoughts and ideas. 

Visit the rest of my site to learn more about how my experience can provide a simple and effective way to improve your writing. I offer several tiers of editing for many types of documents. Let's take your written work to the next level.